Let me preface this one by warning you that my potty mouth may come out.

First and foremost, handicap parking is not and never was intended for lazy, inconsiderate pukes.

I just came off an amazing vacation week and I was sent right back to reality when I stopped at the local Dunkin’ Donuts shop where I saw an able bodied woman step out of her pickup truck to run in for coffee.

I kept my mouth shut.

I ordered my coffee and a breakfast sandwich, waited in line for them to be ready, and watched her walk to her truck and drive off.

By the time I left the building, another truck had parked in the same spot. If it hadn’t been covered with advertisements for the Ford dealership a few doors down, with a stereo blasting, I might have ignored it. But all I could think was… this person has the balls of a brass monkey.

I popped back into the DD, which was now very crowded, and asked, “Excuse me, who’s driving the Courtesy Ford truck?” And some schmuck actually raised his hand and identified himself.

I said, “Just wanted to let you know I took pictures of your truck in the handicap parking space and I’m gonna pop in to show your manager.




So I got in my car, drove a few doors down, parked my car, and walked in to a cheerful guy sitting at the reception desk.

When he asked how I was, I let him know that I was just a little cranky and I  told him, as several sales people listened in because it was an early hour and there were no customers, that I would like to talk to a manager.

He offered to help me and I said, “Sure. I just wanted to let the manager know that one of your vehicles is at Dunkin’ Donuts parked in handicap parking with the stereo blasting and the store name plastered all over the vehicle.”

I continued with, “Very uncool and really bad for business.” And I left.

Really, what is it that makes able bodied people feel like it’s okay to park in handicap parking?

Recently I pulled in to the Post Office in town and the lot was packed. A guy proceeded to park in the striped part of the handicap space and I said something. He challenged me, stating that wasn’t part of the handicap space. Um. Really?


I try not to judge, but we really are surrounded by lazy, inconsiderate people.

Why is this issue so disturbing to me? For starters. My 50 year old brother has relied on the use of a wheelchair for 35 years and relies on the availability of a good, wide parking space. And one of my best friends has severe mobility issues as the result of MS. She also relies on the availability of these parking spaces.

And then there are people in my life who would easily qualify for a permit, but they know that others need them more. Our mom was a lung cancer survivor with severe arthritis, COPD, and CHF, and she refused to use handicap parking.

Here’s the thing people, laziness and inconvenience do not entitle you to that parking space.